13 Wealth Management Issues EVERY Client Should Expect their Wealth Advisor to Cover

Introducing our 13 part Wealth Management Series

Over the years it’s pretty common to hear the question, “what does comprehensive or holistic mean” with respect to financial planning. It’s a solid question. Many people call themselves financial advisors but in reality, they are simply salespeople. There is nothing wrong with being a salesperson. We buy cars and mattresses from well-qualified salespeople. However, we do not entrust our retirement plans and our most important financial decisions, often with significant tax consequences, to salespeople. For a financial salesperson, the scope of their practice is often limited to one particular aspect of financial planning they can directly service or sell, e.g. investments, stocks/bonds OR insurance/risk management.

As comprehensive Wealth Advisors, it’s our belief that having separate conversations about subjects simply isn’t effective from a planning perspective. Rather, it’s critical to integrate all the key wealth management issues into one comprehensive or holistic dialogue addressing every clients’ unique goals and objectives without regard for our ability to “sell” you something.

Helping our clients spot financial issues that may negatively impact them and then helping them understand how these issues will ultimately impact other interrelated personal and financial goals is the cornerstone of our advisory practice.

This being the case, let’s introduce those 13 Wealth Management Issues which most consistently impact our clients and their families:

1) Investment Planning
2) Risk Management & Insurance Planning
3) Banking & Credit Management
4) Retirement Planning
5) Executive Compensation
6) Business Succession Planning
7) Planning for Incapacity
8) Education & Family Support
9) Charitable/Philanthropic Giving
10) Titling & Beneficiary Designations
11) Executor & Trustee Selection
12) Distribution of Estate
13) Tax Planning

When considering these issues it’s important to ask yourself, how do any of these affect you, your family and your goals?

Over the next few months, upcoming blog entries will cover each of these Wealth Management Issues in greater detail. Our hope is this series of blog entries will provide not only an educational forum but also promote thought, leading to action…in a holistic manner, of course.

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