Introducing Our Two Books on Financial Health for Physicians

Over our combined 40+ years of working with physicians, my business partner Marcus and I found it was continually shared and clearly noticed, that although our clients are intelligent, they’ve had little to no exposure to or education on the important financial information and subsequent decisions critical in helping to achieve financial freedom.

To further help our clients and their fellow medical professionals, we wanted to create a resource that would help bridge the gap between their financial wealth and knowledge level. As such, we set about co-authoring two books: ‘Be One of the Lucky Ones’ and ‘Optimal Financial Health’. These two unique volumes are targeted to ensure they have all the required knowledge to help ensure their money works as hard as they do.


Although experts in their respective specialty, many physicians regretfully take a head-in-the-sand approach when thinking about financial matters. In fact, the opening chapter in Be One of the Lucky Ones is ‘Do you Suffer from I.D.I.L.S?’ You may be asking, “What’s that?! It’s certainly not an acronym I’m familiar with!” Well, that’s because I made it up.

Years ago I was speaking with a group of OB/GYN’s and followed a couple of speakers; both pharmaceutical drug reps. It occurred to me that these folks spoke almost exclusively in acronyms. Acronyms to describe a medical condition. Acronyms to describe the treatment. It was all acronyms. So, prior to taking the podium, I created a new acronym – I.D.I.L.S. I’ll Do It Later Syndrome. Not rocket science by any means, however, it was appropriate.


Our clients routinely proclaimed they would wait to address financial issues until they were in practice. Unfortunately, people often don’t realize once they enter practice there is an entirely new set of issues. Potential expenses associated with their new practice. New expenses with respect to upgrading their standard of living; expected and unexpected.

This first transition in many cases results in another proclamation, outwardly or inwardly, that once these initial expenses are handled, then I’ll address these financial issues. You get the point. It will continually delay decision making and further delay taking action to achieve financial freedom.


Be One of the Lucky Ones was designed to be a resource for doctors either in or having just completed training. In having worked with physicians for 14 years at the time, the constant feedback received was there doesn’t appear to be information SPECIFIC to my situation.

Of course, there are myriad options available describing money management strategies, but none of those address the specific issues physicians face: Significant debt load, starting their careers ten years later than their undergrad colleagues, none or very little non-medical education, and being in a position where they switch fairly quickly from borderline poverty level income to high income and high taxes.

The strategies for our clients, simply put, are different than 97% of income earners in this country. Our first book provides guidelines and rules of thumb for physicians to lay the foundation in anticipation of the future income.


Our second book, Optimal Financial Health, acted as a continuation of Be One of the Lucky Ones. As our practice grew and our clients’ lives matured, it became apparent how important it was to expand on the existing concepts, while adding new topics now relevant to our clients’ situation.

Optimal Financial Health takes a person on a journey from being a specialty doctor in training to strategies while in practice and finishing with retirement and distribution strategies. It provides a textbook-like approach to guide a specialist from A to Z. Much like Be One of the Lucky Ones, Optimal Financial Health was written to provide a resource specific to physicians at all phases of their careers and with greater detail, education, and wisdom.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of Be One of the Lucky Ones and Optimal Financial Health, they are both available on Amazon in all formats. Alternatively, when you become a client, we’ll provide you with a complimentary copy.

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