Michael Price

Administrative Assistant


Michael first began his professional relationship with Mosaic in February of 2019. The first time he sat down with Marc and Anthony, he was surprised when he had realized that he had found something rare: Good men who put people first and business second. With a company culture of serving others, Michael knew that Mosaic was a great fit for him.

Since he began his position here at Mosaic, he has come to understand that life is a series of ups and downs, even for those who are very successful in their professional careers. By providing financial peace of mind to hard-working individuals, he knows that we are making an impact in people’s lives.

“I am in the perfect place to utilize my passion for serving others and to provide them with financial Peace of Mind.”

Michael has a background in Business Marketing and Psychology where he studied at Grand Canyon University in West Phoenix. There he discovered that he loves learning about people and that his true passion was to better their lives through business. Here at mosaic, he handles scheduling and back-end administrative work while also learning how to become a more skilled asset to the team.

When he is not at work, you can find him serving at Relentless Church in West Phoenix, where he has been in leadership positions there for the last three years. He also enjoys monitoring all real major sports (football, basketball, track), traveling to experience different cultures, spending quality time with his family, reading business and leadership books, and hearing about other people’s dreams and aspirations.

Phone: 480.776.5920 Ext. 105
Fax: 480.776.5925
Mobile Phone: 602.770.5948
Email: michael@mosaicfa.com