Sheila Evans - Mosaic Financial Associates

Sheila Evans

Practice Coordinator

Non-Producing Registered Representative

I joined Marc and Anthony in 2002 as their administrative assistant. Seeing firsthand the difference their work made in the clients’ lives, I began to take a deeper interest in the financial planning environment. My enthusiasm for the growing practice, however, was interrupted by a new challenge: motherhood. My husband, Jason, and I welcomed two children.

After three years at home with my family, I reconnected with Anthony and Marc in 2007. Taking on the project of editing their first book “Be One of the Lucky Ones” was the first step in my journey to rejoin the working world. I could not resist the opportunity to work with Anthony and Marc in the formation of their wealth management firm, Mosaic Financial Associates.

Since then, many goals have been reached, both for the firm and for me. I’ve taken my role beyond the merely clerical with insurance licensing and securities registrations, ongoing training, and editing credit for numerous articles and two books published by Mosaic Financial Associates. The goal remains, in my daily functions as well as ancillary professional projects, to continually strengthen every area of client and advisor support.

My mission at Mosaic is first and foremost, to provide unparalleled client service.

Today my role at Mosaic is first and foremost to be our clients’ personal financial “concierge”, quickly providing or connecting them with the information they need. In addition, I provide small business management support for Anthony and Marc for matters ranging from staffing, to technology, to compliance and oversight matters.

Each day brings a new set of challenges, which can all be viewed through the same lens: how can I help? Whether it involves working with clients directly or working on the client’s behalf with insurance licensing and securities registration companies or their benefits plan administrator, I take great pride in the work I am able to do as part of this full service firm.

Sheila Evans - Mosaic Financial Associates

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998, I spent the next year teaching in Marseille, France, and several years in the automotive finance industry.

In addition to my career and family life, I am an avid cook and also enjoy collecting music, watching old movies, and any kind of football. Originally from Minnesota, I am a lifelong Vikings fan, but was happy to cheer on the Super Bowl teams in Glendale as a host committee volunteer. I also teach adult ballet and yoga at the local community center and enjoy relaxing on the lake with a fishing pole.

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