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Our wealth management platform, Mosaic Client Portal, provides our clients with three critical elements to financial tranquility.

First, one secure log-on to view your entire net worth in one place. Our platform provides real time access to review how your net worth is coming along. No longer do you need 13 different logins for your various accounts. Streamlined. Efficient. Consolidated.

Second, our platform provides the planning tools necessary to properly map out precisely how you will move towards pursuing your goals. Each objective presented will be individually and then collectively addressed via our planning applications.

Third, answer the question, ‘Am I On Track?’ Mosaic Client Portal provides us the ability to engage analysis including a one thousand scenario probability analysis whereby a percentage is given letting us know exactly the percentage likelihood of success to reaching your goal.

More importantly, if the goal isn’t on track, this application becomes the catalyst for change to determine what’s necessary to attain your goals and be on track.

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Mosaic Financial Associates Client Portal

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