How We Help - Mosiac Financial Associates


Our services are carefully tailored to successfully manage your money for you, so you can focus on ensuring your professional and family life are as fulfilling and happy as you deserve them to be. We take a collaborative approach that enables us to strategically build and evolve your financial plan in harmony with your professional and personal life.


You work hard for your money, and are passionate about what you do. Your job requires long hours and your free time is both limited and precious. We know that work can be stressful and, when combined with enjoying your family, provides little room or desire to adequately address your finances.

Communication and relationship building is an intrinsic element of our work. We take the time to really listen, and form a strong awareness of your career, family and future goals to help ensure every part of your life is successfully catered for. As your needs change, so too does our approach to handling your finances. Your wealth should be managed to support your life, not the other way around.

One of our proudest achievements as a firm is the connection we have been able to foster with our clients. Just as our clients do, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and uncompromising integrity. Our staff is committed to providing gold star service every time you request it, with a 24-hour response time.

Our comprehensive approach to wealth management covers not only the custom outline of your financial plan, but also assists with implementation such as investment and risk management strategies. Our advanced platform provides plan development along with aggregation, providing one seamless and efficient place for you to view your entire net worth in one place.

Our clients have high incomes and subsequent high tax brackets. They are highly motivated to reduce tax exposure and protect themselves against litigation. Our approach incorporates both tax minimization and asset protection as core elements to the planning process. Working holistically to fully encompass the many varied elements of your life, we deliver a comprehensive service to ensure financial freedom and confidence.

We are fee-based advisors who offer not only the planning and design but implementation as well. We provide the confidence of knowing you are on track via our customized financial plans and integration with investment and risk management strategies, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.



Financial Planning

The most critical aspect of our wealth management platform is to develop a financial plan. This is custom designed to suit your unique needs, and regularly updated and modified inline with your life changes so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are on track.

Alternative Investments

Many of our clients are looking for non-traditional investments as a means to add diversification to their portfolio*. To aid them in this, we regularly review a wide range of available non-stock/bond related vehicles and determine their applicability for select clients.

Retirement and Education Funding

With extended education and training, your career started later than most. As such, your time to invest is shorter. We present you with tax-advantaged strategies to help you pursue your long-term goals that normal retirement accounts alone may not sufficiently address.

Investment Analysis and Strategy

We develop a risk adjusted portfolio congruent with your risk tolerance and tax considerations. Our platform provides one secure client portal coordinated with your investment accounts to offer a streamlined view of your entire net worth.

Tax Planning

With a high income and subsequent high tax bracket, reducing tax liability is an integral part of your overall financial strategy. We will coordinate our services with your chosen tax professional to implement your financial plan in a tax-advantaged manner.

Risk Management Strategy

Insurance must be utilized appropriately to help protect against significant loss: income, life, functioning and litigation. With this is mind, we ensure our clients benefit from protection as a core element of our process. Our independent insight provides clients with the key benefits without extensive outlay.

Cash Flow Analysis

When it comes to spending, it’s critical to identify not only what you have coming in every month, but more importantly, what’s going out. We devise a line item analysis that serves as a clear tracking system and includes both fixed and variable expenses.

Legacy, Wealth Transfer and Multigenerational Planning

Tax efficient legacy, wealth transfer and multigenerational planning is complicated, emotive and highly scrutinized. We work collaboratively with counsel to ensure your long-term distribution goals and instructions are clearly outlined, understood and adhered to.

Real Estate Planning

There are many moving parts involved with buying a home or investment property. We work with clients to ensure real estate purchases are triaged accordingly with personal goals while also providing objective perspective during an otherwise emotional experience.


*Diversification does not guarantee a profit against market losses. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.