Orthopaedist Advisory Group - Mosaic Financial Associates

We are the Orthopaedist’s Financial Advisor


We have heavily immersed ourselves in the world of the speciality doctor for more than two decades, working diligently to serve their unique financial needs. Utilizing this depth of experience, we are proud to have established ourselves as leaders within the Orthopaedist’s financial world, developing an extension of Mosaic Financial Associates exclusively catering to Orthopaedic Surgeons: the Orthopaedist Advisory Group.

We are the Orthopaedist’s Financial Advisor, crafting a highly specialized set of services drawing from our particular insight and experience. With a combined 40+ years of unique firsthand knowledge within this community, we have a deep understanding of what Orthopaedic Surgeons experience both personally and professionally.

With 4 years in undergrad, 4 years in medical school and 6 years in training, you’ve dedicated more than a decade of your adult life to becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon, leaving little time to pursue a financial education. While you may not have the time, we do, and we are here to guide you every step along the way.

Orthopaedist Advisory Group - Mosaic Financial Associates
The Orthopaedist Advisory Group was created to help you pursue your goals and guide you in your financial decisions.

You know first hand the value of your free time. You work incredibly hard and like to play even harder, seeking out the very best of what life has to offer. You strive to maximize every moment, pursuing your financial goals and providing the ability to spend more time doing what you love with the people you care most about. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive and coordinated planning service that takes care of all your personal and business needs in a timely, efficient and concise manner.

Our planning platform understands your unique situation, allowing you to fully engage in the things you enjoy with an assured confidence because you KNOW you are on track. Our highly specialized insight and service is finely attuned to the hectic schedules and no-nonsense approach we’ve come to expect from our Orthopaedic surgeon clients. As such, we streamline everything for you so you can focus on specific areas of interest.

Orthopaedist Advisory Group - Mosaic Financial Associates

If you’d like to discuss how the Orthopaedist Advisory Group can help you align the pieces of your financial life to craft a strong and successful future, then we invite you to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation initial conversation.