Mosaic Financial Associates Process


You realize the value of hard work and achievement while also spending time with family and friends doing the things you love. You are action oriented; you want the most out of life and your career. That’s why we push ourselves just as hard to ensure we deliver the ultimate service so you can enjoy the benefits of our customized financial plans tailored to your goals.

Our financial planning process mirrors this ethic, working hard for you and your money to get you on track – and keep you there. We utilize our combined 40+ years of experience and wisdom to deliver a highly effective and streamlined path towards your goals. We also provide a unique level of flexibility, monitoring both your financial and life changes and adjusting our process as and when necessary so you can work to live, not live to work.

Having two experienced advisors working on each client’s plan and objectives brings varying perspective and insight. Our individual strengths play a significant role in our business approach and we’ve learned to maximize the powerful components we each bring to our firm to ensure our clients receive the very best of both skill sets.

Effective communication of ideas in a way clients can comprehend and embrace is at the forefront of everything we do.

We are advocates for your best interests, not salesmen. That’s why we are held to a fiduciary standard, legally bound to always act in your financial interest, not our own. We believe in providing full transparency with our work so you can be perfectly positioned to make the right financial decisions for you and your family.

In its simplest terms, our process is firstly to identify and triage your goals. We then determine cash flow, and marry those items together to develop a plan. The key element of this plan provides daily accounting of your net worth, as well as what behaviors, if any, require modification in order to accomplish your priorities. Discipline equals freedom.

Every stage of our process has been thoughtfully considered and enacted to ensure you receive the maximum benefits with as little encroachment on the rest of your life as possible. We’ll meticulously manage every detail so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your financial plan is working just as hard as you are.


Client Intake

Discovery of goals, objectives, as well as an inventory of assets, debts, insurance and cash flow.


We work collaboratively with our clients making certain they fully understand the options available and, most importantly, how those options affect them achieving their goals.

Plan Development and Implementation

We build a custom plan for you based on your unique set of objectives.

Monitor and Modify

Are you on track? Yes? No? We keep a close eye on your situation and address any changes that may be necessary.