Long-Term Care Planning Interview with Rick Stein, CLU, ChFC

Over the past 20 years or so, we’ve observed many doctors making common mistakes at all stages of their careers. We have taken our observations, as well as enlightening discussions with well-established professionals in wealth preservation spaces to bring you our Asset Protection Series: Interviews dedicated to bringing awareness to various risks that can affect your wealth. Anthony Williams and our guest of the week will discuss critical questions to consider and provide tips on how to work towards obtaining comprehensive asset protection. Be sure to check out our other informative interviews here.

Long-term care, a general category for care related to physical, mental, social, and medical needs in the event of significant physical or mental declines, represents one of the most severe spending shocks that can impact retirees. It is understandable that many of us would prefer not to think about a time when we might need long-term care.

Unfortunately, as a result, necessary planning is often prolonged or put off to the side entirely. Many are exposed to long-term care planning when they or someone close to them need care. At that point, options are limited and resources may be stretched thin to accommodate for preferred care services. Long-term care planning is taking a hold of your future and ensuring you are properly prepared.

This week we are excited to present our long-term care planning interview with industry specialist, Rick Stein, CLU, ChFC!

Mr. Stein specializes in Long-Term Care Planning, Estate Planning, Supplemental Income strategies, and Business Succession Planning. He has over 30 years of experience working with clients to structure and incorporate insurance as an integral component of their comprehensive wealth plan. His experience in implementing insurance strategies has helped hundreds of clients to grow and protect their assets as part of their overall wealth transfer and legacy goals. Watch our Whiskey & Wealth Wednesday introducing Rick!

Our hope in providing these interviews is to continue our mission of helping doctors and their families grow their net worth tax-efficiently while minimizing exposure to litigation, loss of wealth, and detrimental career risks. Enjoy!

Long-Term Care Interview Questions and Topics

  1. What defines a long-term care consideration?

  2. What are the different types of care and how do they compare in cost?

  3. What is the probability that someone will need long-term care?

  4. What are some ways to pay for long-term care?

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