Tips to Perfect Your CV Ready for Life Post Medical Training

It’s your final year of medical training, which means it’s time to update your CV. Here are four tips to consider.

Tip 1: Clear, Current, Concise, and Curated

The purpose of your CV is to attract positive attention and to generate action on the part of a potential employer. Your CV must be clear and current, with education and professional qualifications leading the way. These are the first items recruiters review.

Your CV should reflect your most current accomplishments. Make certain it contains all your updated education and experience information. Keep it concise to highlight your most important accomplishments.

Finally, make certain your CV is curated and highlights the items relevant to whichever type of practice being pursued. For example, an academic position, highlight published research.

Tip 2: Items Not to Include

Leave out acronyms or abbreviations. Don’t add personal information such as non-medical work experience that does not relate to your role as a medical professional.

Tip 3: Format

Potential employers spend less than a minute reviewing CVs. Make your CV easy to read and quickly present information pertinent to the position in a clear fashion.

Maintain consistency in your formatting. Use a simple, professional font and place dates on the left. Include a name header and page number on all pages. Keep the structure of your phrases and sentences consistent throughout the document.

Tip 4: Third Party Review

Have another read your CV from an employer’s perspective. Are you a quality candidate? How you organize your information reflects the image you are presenting.

Bonus Tip: Hire a CV Expert

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