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Contract Negotiations:

A text came in from an orthopedic surgeon, “I may need your help with contract renegotiations.” This is not uncommon. Many surgeon clients request our assistance when renegotiating contracts – not from a legal perspective, but to help them mentally prepare for the meeting. While this has nothing to do with investments, it has everything to do with our clients’ financial lives and well-being…and therefore is a service we offer.

Surgeons often want to come to the negotiating table desiring changes in the new contract. Those changes may deal with income, call, locations, amongst other items. No matter their ultimate preferences, we engage in role playing to help our clients come to the table confident, calm, and with compelling reasons to make the desired changes in the contract.

Negotiation can be an undesirable, but important, facet of our clients’ business. Our experience having helped numerous clients prepare and advocate for themselves to effectuate the changes they wanted makes us uniquely qualified to assist with every facet of our clients lives, including employment negotiations.




Last year, after starting the Whiskey and Wealth Wednesday broadcast a person who was introduced by a client reached out asking if I was going to be at the AAOS meeting in San Diego, September of 2021. After confirming my attendance, we agreed to meet for coffee. During this meeting, he started off by basically saying, look, I have trust issues. However, because of your specialization working with orthopods and being referred to you by other Trauma surgeons whom I know, I felt I could trust you. He went on to say though, that he feels he’s done a good job of accumulating wealth but has no plan. He has no distribution plan, he has no estate plans to speak of, if he does it’s very outdated. He said that he doesn’t really have a sense of when he can retire.

The reason I feel this anecdote is valuable, is because here we have somebody who is 60 years old. He’s asking good questions: when can I retire? At what age? In what state should I live? Will I have enough? How many more years do I need to work? How do I effectively lower my tax liability? How do I transition wealth to my family if something were to happen to me?

Whether an orthopaedic surgeon is in training, mid-partner or approaching retirement, we specialize in developing comprehensive plans to ensure they are on track and achieve their goals. Don’t wait until a few years prior to retirement. Have your questions answered now. The earlier these issues are addressed, the earlier you’ll have confidence in your plan and achieve superior results.

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