Mind Games: Political Priming

Priming is when the way information is presented to us influences the way we interpret, think about and ultimately act on that information.

This is a psychological tool well utilized by the media and companies that sway us to think a certain way or buy a certain good/service.

We’ll illustrate with this fun little quiz:

  1. What continent is Kenya on?
  2. What are the two opposing colors in chess?
  3. Name any animal.

Are you like the 20% of individuals who said “Zebra” in a controlled experiment? When individuals were asked to name any animal without the two preceding questions, less than 1% of respondents said “zebra”.  That is the power of priming!

So how might the media be priming you this election season? You may not realize because most priming is done below the level of our consciousness. This is why it is so important to talk about thoughts, concerns or ideas you have with us before they go too far. We are here to help you make thoughtful decisions, free of priming, for your financial well-being.

By Marcus E. Ortega, ChFC, RFC | Investment Advisor Representative | CEO of Mosaic Financial Associates & Orthopaedist Advisory Group | Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisors LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, a broker/dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor.  Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

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